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Chicago 2012, November 17-18

JJ's List

JJ’s List works at a grassroots level to build a strong movement to help integrate people of all disabilities into the community. Our 501(c)3 non-profit organization runs three core programs:

- - Our community-driven review website is a growing resource of information and advocacy for people touched by disability and businesses.

- Safe and Productive Internet Life & Literacy Skills (SPILLS) Curriculum - The SPILLS Curriculum responds to special education teachers' demands for tools to teach Internet safety and productivity. On top of having the SPILLS Curriculum in schools, we also conduct workshops using the curriculum that parents can sign their teens and young adults with disabilities up for. See for more info.

- Disability-Awareness Training for Businesses - our “Disability Awareness Players” program is a smash hit with businesses in Chicagoland, including local branches and franchises of Chase Bank, Subway, and Whole Foods. Through this program, people with disabilities build essential professional communications and networking skills, while helping business employees learn how to interact naturally with people who have disabilities.


What new functionality we are looking for

As JJ’s List has gained credibility in the community and scales its review database, we've outgrown our content management system. We now need something that lets us be more agile in adding new businesses and reviews to the directory and updating general content on the site. We currently have a custom CMS from our designer; a new system would like have to either entirely replace it, or be a new CMS we can use as a backend that will propagate into the existing one to generate the site.

Also, the site could use a design and UI/UX once-over; it is a bit clunky and dated. While this would be another big win, our primary concern is definitely a database power-up. Based on time restrictions, we're wholly prepared to mitigate our expectations!

How the new functionality will help

Going forward, JJ’s List is in a period of concentrating our energy on growing business listings and subscriber businesses (historically, we've focused on consumer reviews). A new website powered by a more agile database and CMS would allow us to scale our operations as quickly as we need to and offer more sophisticated profile creation and management processes to member businesses.

Expanded business membership and listings would allow us to expand recommendations to consumers with disabilities, furthering our mission of bringing people with disabilities and businesses together for the benefit of both.

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

5 Messages from Supporters

2012-10-19 22:59:31 UTC
Jake Joehl

I have posted reviews before on , and have had no problem doing so. I cannot see the computer screen due to only having light perception, and their website is definitely compatible with both screen readers I use. I have met the people who work for JJ's List, including the founder. They are all very friendly.

2012-10-19 23:46:13 UTC

JJ's List is a wonderful tool to know the most accessible and user friendly establishments for people with special needs. Very useful website, thanks JJ.

2012-10-19 16:19:12 UTC
francis michaels

i support jj i have stop many times an there always nice i have md i`m in wheelchair an they have help me when my wheelchair broke i support in all respect they are good freinds

2012-10-19 16:28:58 UTC

JJ's List is a website run by people with disabilities that based on how business treat customers with disabilities. I have been a menber since they launched.

2012-10-19 18:59:20 UTC
Suzanne Martin

JJ has been a tremendous advocate for helping people with disabilities. JJ's list informs and facilitates the differently abled and the usually abled to work together. Her company is suited well to fill a need.

Our Mission

JJ's List's mission is to bring people with disabilities and businesses together for the benefit of both.